On Friday (February 5th) CEO of BARE International, Dale Bare attended the SmartCEO Future 50 awards ceremony where she awarded winner of ‘2016 Washington Future50 Awards – Featuring Washington’s Future 50 Fastest Growing Companies.’

SmartCEO’s Future 50 awards is not only the largest and most anticipated SmartCEO awards program, but also a telescope pointed firmly at the future stars of the region’s economy. This year’s classes of winners were recognized based on exceptional employee and revenue growth and having the potential to be the backbone of the region’s economy for decades to come.

With BARE headquarters in Virginia, and offices in Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Hungary, India and Singapore, maintaining a cohesive company culture with a rigid set of guidelines is nearly impossible. In an interview with SmartCEO Magazine, Dale describes how BARE International have learned not to expect different offices to function exactly the same. “That’s why the company’s core values have been stripped to the bare necessities. All work must be carried out with three basic ideals in mind: quality, innovation and passion. This has proven to be a successful growth strategy for the company.”

After receiving Friday’s award Dale stated “It is an incredible honor for BARE International to be recognized with this award… Even though my name appears on the award, this acknowledgement is the result of true teamwork across our nine offices around the world.

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MSM talks with Dale Bare, CEO and Co-Founder of Bare International:

“Like anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages of any pursuit. The main advantage is that BARE is truly a global company and can assist most every potential client by being able to do work for them anywhere and everywhere.

In rough economic times, it is also helpful to us as a company to be able to continue to grow in areas that are economically sound, while perhaps another country is having economic problems…

…Opening offices, hiring and training people are all challenges, but the greatest rewards have been to know that we have helped our clients to better understand their businesses – the positives and the negatives.

Read the full interview here.

Fairfax, VA. – BARE International’s CEO, Dale Bare has been named a winner of  ‘2016 Washington Future50 Awards – Featuring Washington’s Future 50 Fastest Growing Companies.’

The Future 50 Awards program is the largest and most anticipated SmartCEO awards program of the year. This program recognizes 50 fast-growth, mid-sized companies in the region, 5 large Blue Chip companies and five small Emerging Growth companies.

These companies represent the future of the region’s economy and embody the entrepreneurial spirit critical for leadership and success.

The winners are chosen based on a three-year average of employee and revenue growth.

“It is an incredible honor for BARE International to be recognized with this award,” Dale Bare stated. “Even though my name appears on the award, this acknowledgement is the result of true teamwork across our nine offices around the world.”

In Dale’s Future50 interview she recognized the importance of customer service and going above and beyond expectations, “Give people more than what they expect and they will come back for more”.

As a winner, Dale will be recognized in the following US verticals:

  • Print
  • Digital
  • Video
  • Social media and
  • In person.

Information about the SmartCEO event can be found at http://smartceo.com/washington-future-50/.

Fairfax, VA — We’ve been alerted that there is a fraudulent check/money wiring scam circulating in the United States that is targeting mystery shop program providers as well as unsuspecting individuals.

Reports have come to us of a “Mr. Peterson” who claims to be an employee of Bare International who contacts individuals via email and offers “mystery shop” projects at MoneyGram or Western Union locations.  The victim is mailed a cashier’s check – usually for over $2500 – and is told to cash it and keep a small portion of the total as his/her “shop fee.”  The victim is then instructed to proceed to a MoneyGram location and wire the remainder to a named individual while conducting an evaluation of the customer service s/he receives in doing so.  The bank that cashed the cashier’s check will eventually determine the check was fraudulent after which they will hold the victim responsible for the entire amount of the check.

“Mr. Peterson” does not work for BARE and is probably a criminal operating from another country where the United States has little to no jurisdiction to prosecute, however the MSPA (Mystery Shop Providers Association) has been working with authorities on the problem for some time. Please warn friends and family members that legitimate mystery shopping companies do not contact individuals out of the blue to offer them work unless they have already registered their services and – except for very specific  types of shops – we do not forward funds to evaluators ahead of time. Emails from any person at BARE will always use the @bareinternational.com email address.   Be aware that scammers often impersonate legitimate companies in cycles so if you receive an email or mailing from someone who claims to be an employee of ANY mystery shopping company that you have not worked with before, you should confirm its legitimacy by contacting that company through the website or phone number they have listed with the MSPA at www.mysteryshop.org.  Do not use any links or phone numbers in the suspicious email to contact the company. 

Money-wiring scams are unfortunately very common and take many forms besides that of mystery shopping opportunities.  You can learn a great deal more about them at www.fakechecks.org.

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BARE International sets the industry standard as the largest independent provider of customer experience research, data, and analytics for companies worldwide. Founded in 1987, BARE International is a local, family-owned business with global capabilities. BARE is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Fairfax, Virginia with nine offices around the world. On any given day, BARE International is doing business for clients in more than 149 countries, completing more than 50,000 evaluations/audits each month. To learn more about BARE International’s customer experience research services and their dedicated evaluators, visit www.bareinternational.com.

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