BARE Focus: FMCG Grocery, Pharmacy, & Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

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Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturing is very much as the name suggests: high quality products that fly off the production lines as fast as they fly off supermarket shelves.
As consumer lifestyles change rapidly in a volatile economy, Grocery, Pharmacy and FMCG businesses must assess and adjust quickly.

As companies expand they want new brand extensions whilst also trying to enter new markets. Essentially; good customer service is what helps brand expansions and new brand ranges flourish. Whilst the price of the goods being offered may sway a minority of customers when choosing who to buy from, it is the quality that can set a company apart from the competition, in particular the quality of customer service.

BARE International’s experience working with companies in this industry has afforded it an understanding into how these dynamic shifts not only affect where consumers choose to shop, but how they shop altogether.

We design and executes research systems aimed at providing actionable insight into creating strong brand identity, leveraging new product categories, expanding customer base, and attaining customer satisfaction levels requisite for staying ahead of the competition.

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