What are some thoughts you may have if you had to stay at a hotel during COVID? Is your room thoroughly cleaned? Are employees taking the proper precautions? Linda, our Global Director of Client Services, shares her discoveries during an unexpected hotel stay.

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Rounding up the team for an annual meeting resulted all of us staying in a nearby large branded hotel, no room sharing or AirBNBs possible. The team ranged from High to Low Risk, all non-symptomatic, which resulted in guests with a range of expectations.

We wondered: how often do exceptional moments occur to make the experience memorable even when face coverings and barriers were in place?

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Rounding up the remote team for an annual meeting resulted in twelve of our “out of towners” staying in our nearby large branded hotel. These individuals ranged from Baby Boomers to Generation X’s to Millennials, resulting in guests with a range of expectations.

We wondered: how often do exceptional moments occur to make the experience memorable? 

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As you know, players have lots of options today, often within walking distance of each other. So how do you keep your gamers coming back to you? The answer, although simple in theory, can be challenging in practice.

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The hospitality industry focuses heavily on face-to-face communication. However, the digital revolution has now forever changed almost every aspect of our world — perhaps none more so than customer service. Read more

Since the Wright brothers first flew Kitty Hawk in 1903, airplanes have come a long way. However, despite the many advantages of air travel, customer service is one of the few things airlines are rapidly tarnishing their reputation over. Read more

Health and wellness is a hot topic in hospitality right now. Because wellness innovation in hospitality is seemly just starting out, there’s so much more science, integration, and bold new ideas yet to surface. Read more

Customer expectations have changed. Technology can help businesses in the hospitality industry stay ahead of the competition, save time and money, and increase client satisfaction.  Read more

In the hospitality space, customer experience is everything. And in 2019 the increasing standard of living, high disposable income and a hunger for perfection has given the luxury hotel industry a list of high expectations to be met. Read more

BARE International was born from the need for mystery customer research at the national and global level. Today, we set the industry standard as the largest independent provider of customer experience research, data, and analytics for companies worldwide. Read more