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When it comes to customer service, it takes a complex strategy to be successful in the gaming industry. For example, keeping customers happy who have just dropped $1,000 in 30 minutes on BlackJack can present the ultimate challenge.

The bottom line for the casino and other gaming businesses, is to use every possible angle of customer service to achieve what every executive wants from their customers: lifetime loyalty.

William Harrah from Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. was emphatic about guest service, focusing on satisfying customers and employees. The company was recently purchased by two private equity firms for $17.1 billion, rose through the gaming ranks from its humble beginnings as a bingo parlor to yearly revenues of nearly $8 billion with 40 casinos in 13 states, including Las Vegas mainstays like Caesars, the Flamingo and Bally’s.

No matter how a gaming corporation chooses to utilize their resources, the fact remains that no casino today can survive without making a guest’s time at the property as pleasant as possible. But how can you assure your corporation is meeting and exceeding its customer service needs? Customer satisfaction surveys is one way that can have a tremendous impact on your organization’s profitability. Customer surveys can create a competitive advantage.

With over two decades of experience across the hospitality and industry, BARE is uniquely positioned to help businesses in the Gaming and Entertainment industry meet and exceed training and operational goals while protecting their reputations. BARE offers tailored programs that address the Gaming and Entertainment industry’s distinctive challenges, including increasing guest loyalty, improving team member commitment, and adding value to existing recreational services.

BARE’s dedicated casino trainers understand the industry and share best practices with casino evaluators to ensure consistency of assessment across all departments within the casino, hotel and resort including; gaming, food and beverage, hotel, retail and recreational areas.

Want to find out more how BARE International can help YOU achieve lifetime loyalty from your guests? Simply contact us today to receive a complimentary evaluation of your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

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