Evaluator FAQ on Scams

What you need to know if you encounter a scam.

Please be aware of possible email scams pretending to be BARE International. All evaluators for BARE International must be registered and would never receive prepayment for services. All payments are via PayPal, live check or direct deposit; Cashier Checks appearing to come from BARE are a sign of a scam. Further, all legitimate BARE International emails end with @bareinternational.com. We appreciate you alerting us to any possible scam so we can take action immediately!

Please read about the most recently reported scam here.

What shall I do when I think I’m being scammed?

If you encounter a scammer impersonating a mystery shopping company, please help to stop them by reporting to the following agencies:

  • If you have received a check in the mail, report to the Post Office
  • For Internet & email scams, report to FBI
  • If you are contacted by Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media, report the scammer directly to the social media outlet so they will remove them.

These agencies have successfully caught and prosecuted scammers performing this scam before, so reporting them does help!