Service in the Spotlight: Quality Assurance & Brand Audits.

Covert or Announced Audits.

Your company spends a big chunk of the budget on promotions and pricing strategies. Are you monitoring them to make sure they are being executed correctly? Audits can be executed covertly without your staff being aware that the audit is taking place, or as an in-depth announced audit. The benefits of an audit include:

  • Analyze and understand your company’s financial records.
  • Identify key areas for improvement in your company.
  • Assess risks, economy, efficiency and quality.
  • Evaluate new technology.
  • Uncover fraudulent or other illegal activities within your company.
  • Reinforce and strengthen internal control.

Here’s what our clients have to say on quality assurance and brand audit services from BARE International:

The Quality Assurance round this year has clearly added value to the brand and has helped building the relationship further with our operations in the field.

Michael Zager
Vice President Operations, Full Service Brands
Wyndham Hotel Group

There’s no better time to discover if your desired brand image is being represented the way you envisioned or evaluate your employees to improve training and reward top performers.

Our quality assurance and brand audits can cover:

  • cash integrity
  • facilities
  • standards
  • pricing
  • loss prevention

BARE International’s customer experience research can provide you with critical data to make meaningful business decisions. Want to know more? Contact us today!