Happy 4th July from BARE International!

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BARE International would love to wish all a wonderful 4th July weekend!

As we celebrate this federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago, we ask YOU to consider what it would be like working independently as a BARE evaluator!

Working independently, while receiving full training and support from BARE International on every step of your assignment, you become a valuable part of providing game-changing insights to our clients. You can have an impact on how our clients provide customer service and make business decisions. The same ethical standards we uphold when designing, implementing, and analyzing research strategies for our clients also applies to you as one of our evaluators.

We strive to create opportunities as worthwhile to you as your work is to us. Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a BARE Evaluator…

Extra Income

Earn with our transparent evaluation system that helps you improve your work and ensures fair, democratic scheduling.

Fun Work

Learning more about interesting products and brands is fun, and helping companies make a difference is truly rewarding.

Feel Valued

With competition increasing daily, you’ll be a valuable asset to companies looking to improve customer experience.

Fair Pay

BARE ensures reasonable compensation and maintains secure and accurate financial control systems.

Flexible Hours

Enjoy less stringent validation processes and full control over dates, deadlines, payments and workload.

Professional Reputation

BARE has a solid industry reputation and is known for its credibility, stability, and variety of opportunities.

Do you have an eye for detail? Are you curious of your surroundings and want to delve deeper into your inner detective? Then being a BARE International evaluator could be for you! Click here to apply!