Service in the Spotlight: Face-to-Face Interviews

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There are many ways to gather information on your customer’s experience, but face-to-face interviews give an immediate and accurate opinion of how they truly feel about your company.

While gathering your customers’ opinions while their experience is still top of mind, you can retrieve more accurate feedback but also capture the individual’s emotions and behaviors which is impossible through other mediums such as online surveys. In-depth interviews are the most versatile form of primary research, and are appropriate when targeting detailed perceptions, opinions, and attitudes. These face-to-face interviews are particularly effective when the goal is to capture feedback that is sensitive.

Our interviewers follow client-approved guidelines based on customized questionnaires and rating scales. Whether collected with pen and paper or with a tablet or smart phone, the result is unbiased immediate feedback on real customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Advantages of BARE’s face-to-face interviews

  • Allow for more in-depth data collection and comprehensive understanding
  • Body language and facial expressions are more clearly identified and understood
  • The interviewer can probe for explanations of responses
  • Stimulus material and visual aids can be used to support the interview
  • Interview length can be considerably longer since the participant has a greater commitment to participate

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