Service in the Spotlight: Fieldwork Support

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Our global field force of more than 500,000 evaluators across 220+ countries is well-positioned to provide the bandwidth needed by our market research partners in order to meet their client’s goals.

noun: practical work conducted by a researcher in the natural environment, rather than in a laboratory or office.

Did you know our operations teams are in place and can recruit and field projects in as few as 14 days? As market research has expanded from the standard focus group to incorporate other methodologies and technologies, our fieldwork services has expanded with it to become an integral part of our research programs.

Fieldwork provides an ‘unparalleled opportunity’ for our evaluators to collect data and provide a unique insight into your business operations. Great work comes from great partnerships. We collaborate with many top research companies to provide the data they need.

Reach out to us anytime and see why our market research partners choose BARE to deliver consistent and accurate data collection around the world, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.