VOC Video & Highlight Reel: The Authentic Feedback Strategy.

Voice of Customer – or VOC – feedback provides our clients with credible insights from real people to help tell the stories of your customer base. 

What is VOC?

VOC feedback enables you to understand the experience that you deliver to your customers. So what exactly is VOC? When you think of VOC Feedback, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a direct feedback on your product/service straight from the mouth of the customer.

The Benefits of VOC Video

Gone are the days of one-dimensional customer experience monitoring. VOC videos enable you to gain authentic insights and powerful analytics around customer feedback, sentiment, and more to help tell the stories of their experience. VOC Video is especially valuable in customer experience research where video highlights take the VOC experience to the next level.

Video provides 6x more context versus just text alone; so by utilizing BARE International’s VOC Video & Highlight Reel, you’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind feedback scores from our Evaluators.

VOC Video & Highlight Reel with BARE International

With BARE International’s Voice of Customer feedback you can not only retain the customers you have already, you can improve your products and services to attract new ones.

With a workforce of more than 500,000 ready-to-go evaluators, shopping and monitoring your brand with VOC video is ready when you are: After evaluators have completed their mystery visit or CSAT survey, videos are created immediately and may then be compiled to create a highlight reel. By creating the video right after their evaluation, you’ll be able to identify process, policy, and technology hurdles that hinder the experience while it’s fresh in the evaluator’s memory.

Experience the New Evolution in Customer Experience Research

BARE International was born from the need for mystery customer research at the national and global level. Today, we set the industry standard as the largest independent provider of customer experience research, data, and analytics for companies worldwide.

VOC Video & Highlight Reels provide an authentic, competitive stance on your product/services while giving a transparent visualization of your business; highlighting what areas need improvement, as well as what you’re doing right.

Want to know more on how BARE International’s mystery customer research can help your business? Get in touch with us here today.