The Power of Customer Experience Research (CXR)

If you think ‘CXR’ is a buzzword or marketing trend, think again.

To improve customer experience, you must first understand it. Due to the speed customer experience (CX) is progressing, executives leading the charge need to have a 360-view of their customers in order to outshine the competition. Here, BARE International takes a deeper look at Customer Experience Research (CXR) and what it means for your business.

Understanding CXR

Customers are at the heart of all business operations. Research shows that it’s five times more expensive for companies to attract a new customer than it is for them to retain an old one, making it paramount that companies maintain good relationships with the people they already serve if they want to really maximize their ROI.

In 2019, brands are more aware of the importance of not only gaining new customers, but keeping their existing ones.  Customer Experience (CX) is the sum of all experiences and moments a customer has before, after and while using a particular company’s product or service. It’s the customer’s perception of the brand.

With this in mind, customer research strategies should have at least some element of their design dedicated to understanding the ways in which customers interact with a brand. Specifically called “customer experience research”, this type of market research strives to identify, collect and analyze data about the touchpoints a company has throughout a buyer’s decision-making process.

Actionable Answers

To truly have a thorough understanding of your customers’ journey, you need a multifaceted approach when creating your CRX strategy. This is where BARE International’s 30+ years of experience as leaders in the CX Research industry comes into play. Through the following break-through research methods, you can capture your customers’ feedback to drive a meaningful change in your business:

  • Mystery Shopping: Using calls, clicks or in-person visits, the common thread of our services is always revealing the moment of truth when your customers interact with your brand.
  • Customer Surveys: Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveys provide you instant results, unlimited feedback, and allow for customer incentives in exchange for completing surveys. These surveys are cost-effective and user friendly.
  • Voice of Customer Video Feedback: Video provides 6x more context versus just text alone. Gain authentic insights from real people and powerful analytics around customer feedback, sentiment, and more to help tell the stories of your customer base.
  • Face-to-Face Interviews: Gather your customers’ opinions while their experience is still top of mind.
  • QA & Brand Audits: Audits can be executed covertly without your staff being aware that the audit is taking place, or as an in-depth announced audit.
  • Digital Capture Research: Gain insights on your customer’s journey and shopping patterns. BARE field force will discreetly observe your customers and record the journey utilizing a map of the store, aisle or department and a digital pen, or eye tracking glasses.
  • Online Reputation Management: View all reviews by real customers across multiple review and social media platforms including Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, and more to find out what your customers are feeling, and saying about you.

So you have the above results in…. now what? With deep understanding of customers, BARE International helps clients understand their data. In all companies the collection, analysis, presentation and dissemination of business information can present monumental challenges. BARE’s rapid-fire Business Intellegence (BI) system instantly powers smarter, more informed business decisions for your company and delivers comprehensive presentations of insights and conclusions derived from your data.

Customized CXR Solutions

Do you know how well your organization is doing in delivering awe-inspiring customer experiences? Because your customers and business challenges are unique, our services can be customized to create just the right research program to address your specific needs. That’s why BARE International is offering a complimentary evaluation of your business; allowing us to find the best way for you to increases revenue, customer loyalty and employee performance.

If you would like more information about using customer experience research to improve your ROI – or to schedule a consultation for your business – contact a customer experience research expert here today.