BARE Shares – Keeping the Human Element in Digital Customer Experience

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BARE International shares an article by Eran Westman for Entrepreneur: ‘Core values should not have to change because the way we work has changed.’ Read more

Become a BARE International Evaluator

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Have you always wondered what it would be like to be a Mystery Evaluator? If you love to shop and know what great customer service looks like, it’s time to consider becoming a part of the BARE world! Read more

How to Avoid a Breakdown This National Workaholics Day.

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Today is National Workaholics Day. The definition of a workaholic is a person who compulsively works hard and long hours, according to As devoted as the worker is, it can cause many problems such as some forms of stress, putting work before hobbies and exercise, and working so much it takes a toll on your health. With the potential for breakdowns, overworking can lead to very negative customer experience. Read more

BARE Shares – The reality of automating customer service chat with AI today

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BARE International shares an article by Indrek Vainu for  Venture BeatThe reality of automating customer service chat with AI today. Read more

Happy 4th July from BARE International!

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BARE International would love to wish all a wonderful 4th July weekend! Read more

BARE Fact – Are You Mobile Ready?

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BARE International, the most trusted name in customer experience research brings this week’s BARE Fact. Read more

BARE Shares – 5 Retailers That Have Made Experience Their Business

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BARE International shares an article by Giselle Abramovich for CMO5 Retailers That Have Made Experience Their Business. Read more

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The Customer Experience: Going Global While Keeping it Local

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As businesses expand across the world, they often struggle to connect with customers in other countries. Language barriers and different cultural beliefs make this connection even harder. Keep reading to discover how your company can bridge this gap and establish a more familiar local relationship with customers from across the globe.

Read more

Happy Flag Day!

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Look out for the red, white, & blue today honoring Flag Day – commemorating the adoption of the flag of the United States of America in 1777. Read more

We’re Attending ShopperFest THIS Weekend! Are You?

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BARE International’s Jason Bare (Global Business Development Manager), Guy Caron (Vice President & Managing Director), and Michele Lawlor (Project Manager) will all be attending ShopperFest! Read more