Digital Capture Research: Technology to Gain Insights Through Your Customer’s Eyes.

You should always be observing and learning from your customers: Their habits, behavior, and feedback all measure the strength of your company’s relationship with its customers. If you’re not watching your customers, your competition is.

Analyzing your customers is a critical component of any business plan in all stages of growth. A Forbes article stated that 81% of enterprises rely on analytics to improve their understanding of customers. And now in 2019, a digital transformation of customer experience research is available through BARE International.

Digital Transformation in CX Research

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, resulting in fundamental changes in how a business operates and the value they deliver to their customers. And now customer experience research is the next stage of the customer-centric business transformation.

Are you ready to not only embrace change, but create it? Digital Capture research lets your competition worry about keeping up when it comes to the latest customer experience research technology.

How Digital Capture Research Works

What’s one unique way to gain insight into what your customers are thinking? Digital Capture Research.

Digital Capture Research allows you to gain insights on your customer’s journey and shopping patterns. BARE International’s field force of evaluators will discreetly observe your customers and record the journey utilizing a map of the store, aisle or department and a digital pen, or eye tracking glasses.

Other observations tracked by our evaluators may include customer demographics and behaviors such as product selection or avoidance, placing items in cart, stoppage points, and more. The findings are then sent directly to you, or included in your client dashboard along with the details of your other research programs.

The Future is Here

You need the power of a leader in the Customer Experience Research industry and Digital Capture Research is the next category in the CX brand evolution.

Popular digital capture research from BARE International includes:

  • Digital Pens: Track your customer’s journey and path throughout a store and/or a particular aisle.
  • Eye Tracking Glasses: Specialty-designed glasses track what catches your customers attention while walking through a brick and mortar location. The eye-tracking glasses track the navigational journey of a customer on your website.
  • Hi-Res Photo Collection: Hi-res photos are taken and uploaded into a library for the purpose of collecting data such as price lists and branding compliance.

Put Your Trust in BARE International

Your challenges are unique, so our services can be customized to create just the right research program to address your needs. Our Digital Capture Research is just one solution offered to gain invaluable insights into your customer’s experience.

All our mystery customer research services are designed to increase revenue, customer loyalty and employee performance. Are you ready to to reveal the true nature of your business? Contact us here for a complimentary evaluation of your business today.