Health & Fitness 2018 – How to Keep ‘New Year, New You’ Customers this January.

In a recent survey from the online polling firm YouGov, eating better and exercising more top the list of new year’s resolutions. Yet a BARE International Health & Fitness Customer benchmark study showed that most gym members are unhappy with their current gym memberships.

Despite January being the busiest time of the year to join a gym, an estimated 80% who join quit within the first 5 months; Which raises the questions:

– Are your gym members dissatisfied with what they pay for?

– Are the staff engaged in creating the perfect gym scene and support?

– How can you retain new customers all-year round?

BARE International’s Health & Fitness benchmark study shows on average, only 44.97% of members feel that their club is always meeting their needs.

Our Health and Wellness programs have helped more than 1,000 health clubs and spas around the world assess and perfect its services and offerings. By leveraging mystery evaluator information, businesses in the industry can devise strategies to stay ahead of their competition.

Let BARE International help you increase member retention this 2018. Contact us for a complimentary evaluation of your Health & Fitness  business today!