Service in the Spotlight: Social Media Monitoring

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Listening in on social media is a great way to get ahead of your competitors and keep your customers coming back for more. Read more

Scam Alert!

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MSPA Headquarters has been notified of scams that we want to warn you about. Read more

Where’s BARE?

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BARE International leaders from around the world gather in Antwerp, Belgium.

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Service in the Spotlight: Fieldwork Support

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Our global field force of more than 500,000 evaluators across 220+ countries is well-positioned to provide the bandwidth needed by our market research partners in order to meet their client’s goals. Read more

Happy Nelson Mandela Day!

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What is Mandela Day?

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela
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Surviving in the Face of Market Disruptors and Innovations

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Six critical steps to stay relevant, valued and successful. Read more

Service in the Spotlight: Face-to-Face Interviews

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There are many ways to gather information on your customer’s experience, but face-to-face interviews give an immediate and accurate opinion of how they truly feel about your company. Read more

Become a BARE International Evaluator

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Have you always wondered what it would be like to be a Mystery Evaluator? If you love to shop and know what great customer service looks like, it’s time to consider becoming a part of the BARE world! Read more

How to Avoid a Breakdown This National Workaholics Day.

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Today is National Workaholics Day. The definition of a workaholic is a person who compulsively works hard and long hours, according to As devoted as the worker is, it can cause many problems such as some forms of stress, putting work before hobbies and exercise, and working so much it takes a toll on your health. With the potential for breakdowns, overworking can lead to very negative customer experience. Read more

Happy 4th July from BARE International!

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BARE International would love to wish all a wonderful 4th July weekend! Read more