Digital audits are leveraging businesses with their comprehensive analysis, and business insights. Besides, they save money in big numbers for the organization in all possible ways. Here’s a study on how digital audits effectively reduce costs for businesses.

What Are the Ways in Which Digital Audits can Save Money for Your Business?

The pandemic has left businesses to cut the extra pennies wasted on mundane jobs. Digital audits will help you cut down those unnecessary expenses in the following ways:

  • Save Big Bucks and Time
    It saves big bucks by reducing the mundane jobs, and also the time wasted on it. Digitizing the routine check elements, like facility and maintenance report for ISO audits, or the visitor registers, will save a significant amount of time unnecessarily spent in the documentation, and save costs involved. These audit reports are generated effortlessly, and shared with multiple people in no matter of time.The digital audits are a more accessible and eco-friendly alternative to the manual forms. Reports are generated automatically in a set period. Back up the audits generated without much ado, as they can be created using a mobile phone application or iOS application. One such remarkable product is the digital audit platform called BARE-IFY that helps in self-auditing in a short time period, and with no extra paperwork.
  • More In-Depth the Analysis, Better the Insights
    Digital audits allow you to have a more in-depth insight into how compliant your processes are. If the number of audits done is more,  you will receive better insights from the report. Self-assessments on the BARE-IFY audit app are logged on mobile devices, and the chances of fixing the issues are more if the audits are frequent and regular.
  • Patch the Holes
    The audit report allows you to find where the systematic errors are, and patches the issues before undesirable situations occur. You can assign timelines, and the spot of problems using the BARE-IFY audit app. By going digital, you can save ample time wasted in finding problems and fixing them.
  • Track Your Performance
    It is possible to monitor your performance through regular report generation. Keeping track of your record is made easy by the interactive UX dashboard. With BARE-IFY, you can find issues and fix them before it actually incurs costs in your budget. You can find topics that may cause a problem, and also recommendations to improve them, which an external auditor may lack in delivering.
  • Assign Corrective Action Plans
    It is possible to assign coworkers for the specific issues that arise in your system which lack compliance. Tracking the issue and monitoring them is comfortable with digital suits.

What Does a Digital Audit Report Contain?

The report generated through a digital audit report includes recommendations, insights, and strategic solutions to be carried out. The partner agency provides a piece of detailed information including the following:

  1. Quantitative Analysis – This analysis looks at the metrics of your business’ performance. For example, how are your signposts placed, what does benchmark analytics say about your business, or how can quick corrective actions be taken? Numbers and charts speak more in the quantitative reports.
  2. Qualitative Analysis – Here, the digital audit expert algorithms look at your audits qualitatively, such as in terms of brand imaging. Do you have compelling content that leads to continuous improvements, or how easy it is to follow the instructions stated in an audit? The aesthetic aspects and digital landscape are measured in qualitative reports.
  3. Other Analysis – Detailing the performance of how your business follows the audit rules, the report will also include the aspects that have to be changed to be equally competitive. It will also include specific metrics that an organization cannot compute on its own.
  4. One bite at a time – You can eat a whole elephant by having one bite at a time. Similarly, your entire auditing efforts can be effectively managed by breaking them down into various channels. Breaking down the process will let you analyze all your different organizational characteristics in a big picture.
  5. Remote monitoring – Monitor how your business is performing remotely through the digital audits. The audit report can be stored and shared over the cloud easily, and in a timely fashion, letting you monitor the processes remotely.

How AI tools help in digital audits?

Artificial intelligence tools reduce the manual work done in the auditing, and also automates the digital auditing process, thereby further reducing the stress. Many such tools are available in the market, but only a few remarkable tools, like BARE-IFY powered by Pulse Tech, grab our attention.

The BARE-IFY audit app is an AI tool that transforms businesses with their products- an absolute delight for the clients. It is a disruptive technology tool, reducing the stress and effort in manual audits. With BARE-IFY, you can build checklists, inspect the items that require action, share the report, and take action immediately.

Using BARE-IFY is effortless and flexible as it has many pre-loaded templates. One can view and analyses data in all the possible ways. The reports that are generated are customizable, and are easily shared. The backend administration while using BARE-IFY is also empowered. Teams can be created and managed in just a few minutes.

Pulse helps businesses in self-auditing that is carefully developed to reduce the unnecessary burdens in a routine check. It generates reports that are stored in the cloud for future reference. Businesses in the post-pandemic world should be keen on reducing costs by taking up digital alternatives and cloud-based services that allow them remote monitoring and controlling.

For more information on how we can help you set up an audit program, send us a note here. We, at BARE, believe in the ‘why’ behind the reasons, and we will provide actionable insights to help you provide the best experience for your customers.