5 Reasons Text Messaging is Great for Customer Support

There are many ways to communicate with your customers, but if you’re running a business that relies on quick interaction with consumers, a more reliable, faster method may be needed on mobile devices. Text messaging makes your company a more convenient and personable choice over your competitors.

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, your company must stand out from the competition if you want to be successful. What is the best way to do that? Business text messaging is a convenient way for you to connect with your customers and for your customer to connect with your business.

Here are 5 reasons you should be investing in text messaging customer support.

1. Texting Customers is Less Invasive

Gone are the intrusive text messages that charged customers with every message sent an received. Today, most consumers who own a smartphone have unlimited texting, so there is no cost per message to worry about. What’s more, texting has become the de facto communication method of preference for Gen Y, Millennials, and even many Gen X’ers. The only ones currently reluctant to use this service are Baby Boomers. So, unless you’re targeting this generation specifically, texting is far less invasive, and more likely to illicit a response.

2. Text Messages Keep Users in the Loop

While social media can be a great way to convey messages to your customer base, you may not be reaching all of them among all of the social media chaos. By texting, you’ll be able to send out messages about updates for your organization, new services, and any information you think could be useful to your users and ensure they’ll read it. With text messaging software, customers are able to reply back to you and start a private conversation to get any questions they may want answered (at a convenient time and place that suits them to reply).

3. Texts Provide Great Service and Support

No matter what industry you serve, good communication with your customers is vital. Great customer service will determine whether consumers feel comfortable to come back to you again, and this can be difficult to achieve with phone calls or email. If you have multiple users trying to access your line, waiting times may turn users around, something that can be easily fixed with text messaging; You’ll be able to provide a much better experience for your users and hopefully it’ll be one they would be happy to come back to.

4. Text Messaging is Download-Free

Text messaging doesn’t require a smart phone and there is no need to download anything, unlike all messaging apps.

Thinking about QR codes? Think again. Instead of hunting around for a barcode scanner, you just need to text a keyword to a shared short code (like 2020) to get an automatic text reply with a link to your website, download page, menu, form – wherever you want traffic to land.

5. Business Opportunity

Finally, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that once you exchange text messages with a customer for customer service issues, you’re opening the door for marketing opportunities. Every interaction with a customer should be focused on delivering value. Once a customer opts in, you can then send them future promotional deals, news, and coupon codes. That’s a huge bonus and something that can further strengthen your customer relationships.

The more value that’s provided throughout the communication life cycle, the more likely a prospect is to stay on the hook, build trust and become not just a customer, but an advocate. Text messaging is transforming the way business is done. From ignored, spam-like messages to personalized, authentic conversations with a real human, text messaging is making it easier than ever for businesses to enable their teams to engage with their target market.

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