What QA & Brand Audits Can Reveal About Your Business.

Are you unhappy at the current performance of your company? Are you experiencing a dip in sales and losing custom to your rivals? It’s time to gear up for a QA & Brand Audit as soon as possible.

Our world is changing every day, and your audience is changing with it. Brand building should be an essential part of the growth of your company. By assessing your brand’s status quo, including its strengths and weaknesses, a QA & Brand Audit provides an excellent foundation for planning and brand development in the future. In a nutshell, a brand audit report is a thorough examination of analyzing the business’s current position in the market.

Why You Need an Audit

During a brand audit, some of the key focal points are usually the business’ print materials, advertising, website/social media design, and content marketing. All of these facets display a brand’s style, image, and audience. A comprehensive QA & brand audit also consists of a number of other elements including:

  • Cash integrity
  • Facilities
  • Standards
  • Pricing
  • Loss prevention

Audits can be executed covertly without your staff being aware that the audit is taking place, or as an in-depth announced audit. You’ll discover if your desired brand image is being represented the way you envisioned or evaluate your employees to improve training and reward top performers.

Some businesses perform brand audits internally, which can sometimes deliver inconsistent results. Having a brand audit performed by an outside source is always the best option. It’s much easier for an outsider looking in to notice the competition and see both sides with an unbiased opinion, leading to better decision-making that creates necessary and creative change.

The Results

After the completion of an audit, you will get an accurate diagnosis of the current status of your business in the market. It will give you certain factors where you need to improve your business strategies and workflows.

A successful brand audit will help the business in determining the customer’s and company’s viewpoint in several terms such as:

  • Helps you to determine the value of the brand in the market
  • Helps in planning corrective business strategies
  • In discovering the strengths and weaknesses of your business
  • Assists you in reviewing new marketing trends and growth opportunities
  • Recognizing the competitive stand in the market
  • New development possibilities and future profitability
  • Business threats responsible for failure
  • Effectiveness of brand management efforts

Why not check out BARE International’s Case Study on a Hospitality Integrity Audit performed? Here, you will find out how the results of the Integrity Assessments were used to control resources and lower risk of future revenue loss.

Final Thoughts

Your company spends a big chunk of the budget on promotions and pricing strategies. Are you monitoring them to make sure they are being executed correctly? For a deeper look at developing a brand strategy that is right for you, contact us directly to have a conversation.

Our experienced team of mystery customer research professionals can provide you with critical data to make meaningful business decisions. We look forward to hearing from.