What is the Secret Ingredient to Happy Customers?

The number one goal for businesses is to keep their customers happy. We don’t think any differently, and we’re ready to share the secret ingredient on what makes our client partners – our customers – happy. But what is this secret?

In addition to quality and professionalism, the true secret ingredient is the people. Our colleagues and the relationships between them are what makes BARE special. Our innovation methods, project management strategies, and collaborative methods have worked for more than 35 years because we think and work together as one team.

Many different cultures, nationalities, and personalities make up our global team. Group dynamics, cooperation, and inspiration help us to successful projects. We don’t back down from a challenge because we know we have support; someone has the answer, or we work together towards a solution.

In addition to online meetings, we invest in face-to-face meetings for teams across the globe to meet and collaborate. We battle “Zoom Fatigue” with select in person meetings for big projects and future strategic planning.

Last month, Business Development BARE colleagues from four different offices – representing a dozen different countries – flew to our Budapest office to and plan together.

“I love any opportunity to get the team together to strategize and share best practices around a physical table,” shares Global Vice President, Jason Bare.

“There’s a value in people getting together to share experiences – both frustrations and successes – that you can’t get from a video call.”

The BARE team participated in meetings and team building activities, ending the days with dinners and team bonding. They were able to advise each other, sharing opinions and perspectives from different experiences, a practice that has allowed BARE to grow internationally.

Your business challenges are unique. Our diverse team of colleagues is how we’re able to discover unique solutions! The BARE team is constantly evolving, with new ideas born out of experiences and different perspectives, guaranteeing success that we share with our client partners.

Author: Kíra Szabó – Budapest Office – Europe