‘Brands have implemented any number of approaches in the name of customer experience; agile techniques, insight-driven strategy and real-time optimization. But, catapulted into lockdown by Covid-19, the following six months have been the ultimate litmus test for them.’ BARE shares an article by Morag Cuddeford-Jones for Marketing Week on why taking care of employees has helped take care of customers in times of crisis.

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“They obviously didn’t know who they emailed.”

We’ve all had this reaction to a spam email that’s missed the mark. Sometimes it’s funny, but it’s mostly annoying. It’s wasting your time because you have no intention of taking action after reading it, but depending on how good the spammer was, you have to read it first before deleting it. If you’re the spammer, you don’t care if the majority of your recipients are the right ones, because as long as a few are, you’re happy.

As a marketer or business owner, however, it’s a different story.’ BARE shares an article by Syed Balkhi for Customer Think on Why You Market to People and Not Your Customer Database.

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‘In the age of COVID, all businesses have been forced to transform, especially in the B2B world. ‘ BARE shares an article by Blake Morgan for Forbes with B2B customer experience transformations.

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‘B2B companies are starting to see the value of investing in customer experience and the advantage it can give them over the competition.’ BARE shares an article by Blake Morgan for Forbes about the new focus on customer experience in the B2B world.

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Businesses all over the world can do better at engaging employees at work. How can you establish a work environment that offers more than just a paycheck — the kind of place where every employee is motivated to give their best?

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Employees who are engaged significantly lower the risk of turnover for the company. As engaged employees are more invested in the success of the company they also become more loyal. That hasn’t stopped the topic being any less confusing. But engagement doesn’t have to be a mystery. Read more