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‘BARE was founded in 1987 by Dale Bare and Michael Bare. At the time, Dale had her own public relations and marketing business and Mike was a regional director for a chain of Mexican restaurants.

Today, the company provides services for 4,500 clients in the following industries: financial, retail, automobile, health and wellness, housing, restaurant, mailing services, transportation, country club, hotel and resort and casino.‘ BARE shares an interview with CEO Dale Bare by Mystery Shopper Magazine.

MSM talks with Dale Bare, CEO and Co-Founder of Bare International:

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‘Team members must be “people persons.” In the hospitality industry, we are always interacting, whether it’s with co-workers, guests, or vendors. If we cannot do our job with a spirit of hospitality, executing genuine guest service, we will fail our team and our guests.‘ BARE shares an article by Larry Stuart for Forbes on “Hiring The Spirit Of Hospitality.”

‘Herb Kelleher passed away a few weeks ago, and it is a significant loss to those of us who knew him. There was a magic about what he did as founder and CEO at Southwest Airlines. But he would be the first to tell you that what they have done there can be replicated anywhere. It starts at the top, with a leader who hires the right people people and then lets them be who they are.

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‘We live in a world of big data, where endless amounts of information can be stored in the cloud at an ever-decreasing cost per byte of storage. While this may sound great to data-driven marketers, the blessing of cheap storage and increasingly simple application programming interface (API) connections between data sources can quickly enough turn into a curse of too much information and not enough time to sort through it all.‘ BARE shares an article by Greg Kihlström for Forbes on “4 Types of Metrics that Support Great Customer Experience Measurement.”

‘To overcome this, it is necessary to choose the right customer experience (CX) metrics. Part of this means that you need to choose data and performance calculations that are critical to your business’ key performance indicators (KPIs). In order to do this, it’s important to take into account the various types of metrics available to get a more holistic picture.

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‘Let’s face it – without customers, we don’t have a business. So why do so few companies remember to show some love to their existing customers? Usually, they are too busy trying to attract new customers, even though it costs five times as much to attract a new customer versus keeping an existing one.‘ BARE shares an article by Dan Gingiss for Forbes on “5 Ways To Show Customers You Love Them On Valentine’s Day.”

‘Valentine’s Day is all about love, so there’s no better time to think about how you can do a better job of showing some love to your loyal customers. Here are five easy and efficient ways to make sure that customers know you value them:

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‘Over the past few months I’ve chatted with people from a lot of companies who say their 2019 goal is to become more customer-centric.‘ BARE shares an article by Fabrice Martin for CMS Wire on “Become a Customer Experience Champion (and Create a Team of Champions Too).”

‘In each of those conversations, I emphasize that the most impactful change is creating an environment where all employees, regardless of title, see the customer as their North Star. To catalyze this transformation, customer experience (CX) champions should analyze feedback with empathy, operationalize insights throughout their organizations and foster constant communication about their most important stakeholder: the customer.

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‘Delivering an optimal customer experience is, without a doubt, one of the most critical aspects of building a successful business. It is what directly influences the relationship between customer and brand, and helps drive loyalty.‘ BARE shares an article by Diana Serrano for Customer Think on “Want to Build Positive Customer Experience? Start with Your Employees.

‘Many businesses are currently spending a majority of their time and resources on building a proper customer experience. This activity deserves to be a priority as it can lead to some truly unique connections.

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