Ditch New Years Resolutions Day? No Thanks…

Apparently if there’s a day to celebrate New Years and to make resolutions for the upcoming year, then there should be a day to ditch those resolutions. That’s the reason for Ditch New Years Resolutions Day… But we’re not buying it.

They say if you haven’t accomplished, broken, or given up your New Year’s resolutions, today is your chance to get out from under them. BARE International however are encouraging you to KEEP your resolutions, especially if it involves gaining momentum on your side-hustle! How can we help you reach your ‘BAREsolution’ goals in 2018?

If one of your resolutions is to have extra cash this year, then it’s time to consider becoming a BARE International Evaluator! A BARE International poll  showed that 17% of you want to make more money over eating healthier in 2018, and we’re here to help! As an evaluator for BARE International, you become a valuable part of providing game-changing insights to our clients. You can have an impact on how our clients provide customer service and make business decisions. The same ethical standards we uphold when designing, implementing, and analyzing research strategies for our clients also applies to you as one of our evaluators. We strive to create opportunities as worthwhile to you as your work is to us.

As well as extra income, you’ll have a ton of fun while feeling valued and getting to work flexible hours with projects to suit your schedule. So give Ditch New Years Resolutions Day the boot and get your side hustle on with BARE International. Register here today!