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BARE International shares and article by Vala Afshar for Huffington Post – “Self interest is not only the major driver in human behavior — the desire to live a happy life — but is also the prime mover in all customer-business relationships.” — Paul Greenberg

‘Customer experience is becoming the next battleground for business. How can companies use new technologies to improve the customer experience? There are technologies that are used to improve how we market, sell and service customers. The few of the strategic technologies used t improve the customer experience include CRM platform, advanced predictive analytics, mobile, chatbots and messaging apps, augment and virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI) powered applications and the Internet of Things (IoT). Digital transformation – the application of information and technology to improve the stakeholder experience – is a journey. In the age of the connected customer, this is arguably the most important journey for businesses today. Some argue, the customer experience is the product and also the most important point of differentiation. Others will point to the importance of the workplace culture as the root for building a customer-centric organization that obsesses about delivering the very best customer experience.

Harvard research identified advanced predictive analytics and AI as essential technologies to help companies close the customer experience gap. According the research, forward-looking companies have invested in new technologies capable of consolidating and analyzing key customer data and have reorganized to be able to act on that customer insight in a more nimble way.’

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