BARE Shares – Revolutionizing Customer Service

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BARE International, the most trusted name in customer experience research shares an article from Harvard Business Review – Revolutionizing Customer Service.

Getting customer interactions right has never been more important, especially since social media has given unhappy customers a louder voice. Many companies want to raise their level of service, but the question is, How?

The typical response is to rewrite frontline employees’ scripts and conduct pilot projects. Those tactics may lead to incremental improvement, which is fine for a company whose customer service operation is functioning reasonably well. But if the operation is badly broken, or the company’s industry is being disrupted and customers suddenly have a wider array of choices, Jochen Wirtz and Ron Kaufman, Singapore-based researchers and consultants, recommend deeper cultural change. On the basis of 25 years of work with global customer service operations, they suggest jettisoning four conventional practices, singly or in combination.

Don’t start with customer-facing employees.

Instead, make sure they get enough support. After all, customer service reps usually understand the importance of satisfied customers; often the real problem lies with logistics, IT, or some other back-end function that isn’t meeting frontline colleagues’ needs. When that’s the case, efforts to retrain customer-facing employees may waste time and generate frustration. So include everyone in service training, and focus special attention on internal service providers.

Read the full Harvard Business Review article here.

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