BARE Shares – 5 Ways To Create And Nurture Customer Loyalty

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BARE International, the most trusted name in customer experience research shares an article from Forbes – 5 Ways To Create And Nurture Customer Loyalty.

Customers move at a speed that is faster than ever. That speed, coupled with the breadth of options available to them and the constant barrage of marketing messages they’re pelted with 24/7, chip away at the customer relationship—or keep it from ever getting started.

Without properly engaging new customers or strengthening one-to-one connections with current ones, relationships may never take hold. Or if they do, they could vanish in the blink of an eye. Although it may seem like customer loyalty is eroding in the current environment, it is actually just evolving.


More than ever, consumers are willing to create relationships with brands in exchange for tangible value. And that value can flow both ways. Rich insights are derived when customers share information, which in turn empowers brands to increase engagement and improve profitability.

Delivering the right experience is the result of listening to the information customers provide and answering with the most relevant approach to meet their needs. This relevance—driven by individualized insights—elevates the loyalty programs of the past to the engagement of the future.’

Read the five tips that will help you foster and maintain a strong relationship with your own customers here.

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