BARE Shares – Retailers Struggle To Drive Profitable Post-Purchase Experiences: Research

BARE International shares an article by Retail Touch Points – Retailers Struggle To Drive Profitable Post-Purchase Experiences: Research.

‘A new study from the CMO Council reveals that while most brands identify enhancing the product ownership experience as a key differentiator, there’s a significant gap in their efforts to take advantage of post-purchase revenue, profit and relationship-building opportunities.

The report, titled Elevate What Consumers Appreciate: Increase Brand Attraction by Upgrading Ownership Satisfaction, showed that while 93% of manufacturers view ownership experiences as important to the business and a significant brand differentiator, only 19% derive more than 10% of their revenue from aftermarket services.

Retailers, who have a more direct connection with end consumers than manufacturers, appear to be taking the lead in this area. While 56% of marketers from retail organizations say their companies view aftermarket services as a strategic area of focus and essential to customer experience and business success, only 45% of marketers from manufacturers do.

A few retailers have taken advantage of the perks of offering services post-purchase, including Best Buy, which is famous for its Geek Squad services. Others are following suit. Seeking to get into IT services, Office Depot acquired CompuCom for $1 billion, and DSW also is dabbling in services by offering shoe repair in stores.’ 

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