BARE Shares – 10 Steps To Glowing Customer Service Reviews And Survey Results

mystery shopping

BARE International shares and article by Micah Solomon for Forbes – 10 Steps To Glowing Customer Service Reviews And Survey Results (Even If You Just Got Slammed)

‘To learn that your company, division or department has performed poorly on a customer service survey can be more than demoralizing. It can bode ill for future financial results, and can even directly threaten your livelihood. If, for example, you’ve ben subcontracting your services to a client company and that company’s survey of your (shared) customers shows them to be unhappy with your service, they may start to think it’s time to send your work out for a new bid.

In the face of poor scores, what happens at many organizations (after the initial shock) is denial and rationalization. A lot of non-productive time is devoted to explaining away why your scores aren’t really all that bad; defending yourself with comparisons to even poorer performers within your industry; or debating the survey methodology, questions, or sample size.

Why all this yammering instead of getting to work on turning things around?  I think a big cause of this procrastination is not knowing how to improve. Yet there’s so much that can be done, once you know how to proceed. In my customer service consulting practice, I help my client companies face down poor survey results all the time, and, while we hate poor results as much as you do, we don’t find them fearsome, because we know what to do to turn them around.’

What are Micah’s top 10 steps on how to proceed? It starts with having a mystery shopping-style review done of your operation. Read the full article here… 


Mystery Shopping is a well-known method of customer research. Leverage BARE International’s 30 years of experience that has taken this tried and true method to new levels to evaluate your customers’ experiences. Using calls, clicks or visits our global workforce of evaluators follow predefined scenarios. Evaluators record their experience at various touch points throughout the customer journey. Photos and videos can also be collected to visually record an evaluator’s experience interacting with your brand.

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