5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

It’s time to get your financial house in order. Spring — with new life popping up everywhere — is the source of many an impulse to start afresh. Now is a good time to evaluate things and make any necessary changes.

Here are five ways to get started spring cleaning your finances:

1. Fine tune your budget

Enjoy the warmer weather and take an afternoon to go over your spending during the past few months. Were you surprised at certain spending areas? Or are there any areas where you’re budgeting more than you need to? Adjust your budget accordingly. Work to simplify your budget by creating fewer, broader categories. You’ll still keep your spending in check, but your budget will take up less head space.

2. Clean out your things

Spring cleaning your home can help you spring clean your finances too. Go through all of your closets, basement, attic, garage, and see what you can sell. If you live in a suburban area, have a garage sale. Maybe organize one for your whole block. Sell your unwanted things online – At the very least, donate your extra stuff and get a receipt for a possible tax deduction.

3. Pick up extra work

Have you ever considered a secondary job? Adding a side-hustle will not only take up your time to not spend, but will also add up those $$$ quickly. If you don’t think you have the time, try a picking up a flexible role like becoming a mystery shopper for BARE International where YOU choose the assignments to suit your schedule.

4. Shop around

If it’s been awhile since you shopped around for better rates on your car insurance, cable, cellphone plan or other recurring items, now is the time. You should be shopping for better rates at least once a year – preferably twice – to ensure you’re not overpaying for services.

5. Practice some self control

Summer is on the way, which can lead to lighter bills to pay. Come up with ways to utilize the warmer weather, like walking to work or the store, saving you travel costs and gym membership! If you’re good with self-control, your other option is to just put yourself on a more stringent payment plan.

Use an online credit card calculator to see how quickly you can banish debt. You’ll get peace of mind and a huge savings in the amount of interest that you won’t be paying every month. Once you get ahead, stay ahead. Set back some money for those inevitable holiday gifts coming later in the year.

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