What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is a type of market research in which average consumers, like yourself, contract with a Mystery Shopping Providers, like BARE, to conduct anonymous measurements of a company’s customer experience.

The assignments vary widely by the specifications and goals supplied by the client as well as the type of industry they belong to.


For example, some clients would like to determine if their employees are properly trained and providing accurate information to their customers.  In this case you would likely be required to ask open ended questions like “How do I do that?” or “What should I look for?”.

This typical request is further defined by the industry.  If the client mentioned above is part of the automotive industry, this would drastically change the types of questions you might ask.  For example “What makes your make/model better than the competitors make/model?” or “What features does your car have to offer that others do not?”.

BARE Evaluators

When you partner with BARE, you can assure that you will be provided with all of the training and information you need to complete the assignment successfully.  When you sign up, you will want to complete our BARE Basics video training course.  In the video you will learn the most common items requested by all clients and how to take note of important details.  Once you have completed the training and passed our brief test, you will be BARE Certified and ready to apply for job postings.

When you view our Job Board, you will see the type of assignment, the pay or reward as well as a brief description of what the job entails.  Be sure you can meet the specific job, location, date and time requirements before you apply.  Once you’re selected for an assignment, you will be asked to read through some training materials or to watch a short virtual training video that will explain exactly what you will need to do.  Afterward, you will want to read through your questionnaire to be sure that you make note of the important items you will be asked to recall.  Then you are ready to complete your shop!