Are you interested in making an impact on your operational and service results?  Are you concerned that standards have fallen due to lack of corporate budget for monitoring? Do you want make a difference with a nominal investment in time and money? 

There is a saying, “You cannot manage what you do not measure”.  Linda Amraen, Global Director of Client Services of Hospitality at BARE International,  provides an overview of the Self-Audit methodology and why deploying Self-Audit to ensure your team is performing according to standards is important in mitigation of risk and overall improvement. 

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What does getting back to travel feel like? I spent some time with fellow BARE International colleagues and CX experts, Michele Jowdy, Director of Business Development, Melanie Cihak, Director of Client Services, Alicia Myers, VP of Operations to hear their personal impressions of recent travel experiences. Keep reading for key conversation insights with some sage considerations.

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Health and wellness is a hot topic in hospitality right now. Because wellness innovation in hospitality is seemly just starting out, there’s so much more science, integration, and bold new ideas yet to surface. Read more