‘Many marketing experts predict that e-commerce sales will only increase as COVID-19 infections soar, social distancing becomes standard practice, and more people choose—or are required—to stay home. However… 36% of sellers predict their sales will actually decline.’ Read on as BARE shares an article by Michael Ugino from Business 2 Community on the Impact of Coronavirus on E-Commerce and ‘what sellers can expect during this turbulent time, as well as tips from e-commerce experts on how to protect your online business and make the most of this opportunity by connecting with your customers. Read more

We understand. As we work together, we understand how difficult opportunities may be now. We are keeping up to date with ways to help provide some relief and security during these uncertain times. Read on as BARE shares relief resources and opportunities compiled from the U.S. Department of Labor, Business Insider on Credit Card Financial Assistance, ABC News, and the Government of Canada. Read more