‘The race to own customer experience is on! Companies are recognizing the importance of delivering an experience that makes them stand out from their competition. Some are learning the hard way. Here, BARE International shares an article by Shep Hyken for Forbes on Customer Experience Is The New Brand.

Last year United Airlines had a brand crisis, in which $1.4 billion in value was wiped out overnight when a passenger’s experience went viral on social media. And, you may not have heard about Juicero, but it fell victim to brand crisis when it was discovered the proprietary juice packets needed for its $699 juicer weren’t so proprietary, resulting in the company dropping the price of the juicer to $200, and then ultimately going out of business.

Be it customer service, product quality or just the way the customers feel about the companies they do business with, customer experience rises to the top of whether or not the customer will decide to keep doing business with a brand.

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The figures that show 80% of companies believe they are providing superior customer service, while only 8% of their clients agree with them. Confused about what customers really want? Want your business to be in that 8%? Here, BARE International shares an article by Mark Taylor for SuperOffice on 3 Ways to Exceed Expectations.

‘Customer expectations are difficult to meet. The higher they are, the more unlikely you are to exceed them. So, how do you exceed customer expectations? We will now cover the 3 main areas where most companies go wrong and discuss how to exceed customer expectations and provide examples of good customer service and how to improve them.

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‘Fireworks aren’t just a July 4th spectacle; they’re also a surefire way to win in business. We love the 4th of July because it crescendos into something epic, memorable, beautiful. It stirs the soul with a sensory experience that we don’t soon forget. 

Some businesses, believe it or not, create a similar effect. Here, BARE International shares an article by Peter Kozodoy for Inc on The Hidden Business Strategy Behind July 4th Fireworks.

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Omnichannel. Multichannel. Cross channel. What is the difference and which is more effective at engaging and delighting your customers? Here, BARE International shares an article by  for Forbes on What Does Real Omnichannel Service Look Like?

‘Omnichannel emerged as a term for B2C retailers, describing the ability for customers to have a consistent experience over traditional channels and new, information-rich digital channels. In the world of CX, it has come to mean that customers can move from channel of engagement to channel of engagement while always progressing along the customer journey. That means seamless journey continuity, from first touch to checkout, support, returns, and beyond.

There is a hierarchy of customer communication, and they mean different things for customers and agents…

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Thanks to technology (define ‘Instagram-worthy’?), we see exponential change in what defines an ‘experience’ when you’re shopping. Here, BARE International shares an article by Harley Finkelstein for Forbes on 5 Trends That Change The Way Your Customer Shop

‘A few weeks ago, my wife pulled me into a big name department store to look for an engagement gift for a friend. I rarely set foot in department stores anymore and I thought the experience might be nostalgic, even fun. Within seconds I was full of regret. Trying to navigate floors and floors of haphazardly organized, uncurated stock in search of a specific product wasn’t just frustrating, it was defeating—second only to the difficulty in trying to flag down an actual salesperson to help us out.

There’s no excuse for a shopping experience like that any longer.’

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As we come upon a long weekend in the United States that is often synonymous with barbeques and retail sales, we at BARE remember and celebrate the service men and women who fought and continue to serve for our country. Our deepest gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen heroes. BARE International shares an article and infographic from John S Kiernan of WalletHub on 2018 Memorial Day Facts.

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The more technology advances, the more it’s integrated into our daily lives. As people change their behaviors, marketers, salespeople, and customer support reps will need to react. Instead of thinking of a desktop experience, a mobile experience, a tablet experience, we’ll need to pursue one, holistic approach — an omni-channel experience.  Read more

You may have heard the term Customer Technology being thrown around lately, and how it is changing the face of customer experience. Here, BARE International shares an article by Blake Morgan for Forbes on What Is Customer Experience Technology?

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As we mentioned in a previous blog post on healthcare, it may be hard for some people to think of patients as customers, but they definitely are. Providing great customer service at your medical practice boosts revenue and patient satisfaction. Read more