Shopping interactions

I’m pretty sure everybody played shopping in their childhood. I myself certainly enjoyed it: I had a cash register, some toy money, I drew price labels, even had my shop’s name; my family and my dolls were the customers and I sold as many things as I could. When my little brother became older, he

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Electric cars

As we have more and more electric cars on our roads, it’s getting more and more important to familiarize ourselves with them. Personally, for me it has always been very interesting to think about information technology and see how much this industry has evolved – while our cars (and internal combustion engines specifically) have still

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Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

We’ve only just seemed to have got rid of all Christmas trees & decorations, our stomachs have finally recovered from the end/beginning-of-year celebrities, we’ve never seen the bottom of our wallets this close by after all the end-of-year shopping followed by possible winter sales… and here we go again: Valentine’s day. A day on which

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Curiosity makes you grow

Curiosity makes you grow, it makes you smarter – we hear that a lot. Actually it is one of the strongest driving forces of humanity. We are curious from the day we are born; we want to understand the things around us.   As children, we try everything we can; even our sense of danger

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Sales periods: Shop hard, with some vengeance.

As you know, mystery shopping is always a bit of an adventure. You are required to play the role of a customer with a specific scenario, pretend to be interested in something you might never want to buy in your real life, and you have to invent an entire background story for your request… It’s

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Interview with a car-enthusiast

We had the opportunity to have a conversation with our colleague, Tamás at BARE, who happened to be a big car fan himself. At BARE we care about our people’s interests and personalities, especially because we can learn so much from them. Enjoy the interview!   How long have you been a car enthusiast? How

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Victory; a Matter of Staying Power

Someone once said, “Study the past if you would define the future”, (that would be Confucius) and it was one such sentiment that spurred me on to do this particular blog post. A short while ago I sat down to chat with President and Co-Founder Mike Bare, about BARE International’s past, present and future… Richard:

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Why most of your New Year’s resolutions fail?

  Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try you can never fulfil your New Year’s resolutions? Even though you were very committed and that it wasn’t just the champagne and high-spirits that made you over-promise on yourself? It is 2017. How did this happen? Time is running really fast, and I’m

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Make Stressmas Christmas again!

It’s that time of the year again when we can stuff ourselves with food without feeling ashamed, drink that amazing Glühwein at the local Christmas market, make a snowman (if weather allows), decorate that tree and go Christmas shopping for gifts for your beloved one’s. As fun as it sounds or is supposed to be,

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About Call Centers

Call Centers are a tricky topic when it comes to customer services. We have all had the opportunity to experience their effectiveness or inefficacy, and some of us have even encountered the opposite side and had a job as a call center representative.  Those who worked in this field know how hard this job can

Read More » December 22, 2016
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