Mystery Shopping Providers Association Presents BARE International with Highest Honor For Third Consecutive Year

mystery shoppers

The Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) awarded BARE International with their highest accolade, the MSPA Elite Award for 2017 at their annual conference in October, for a third consecutive year. 

The award recognizes member companies who demonstrate distinguished leadership and work to support the goals and objectives of MSPA. The Elite Award identifies the “best of the best” of MSPA-North America, companies blazing the trail for the advancement of the customer experience research industry.

“As a leading provider of customer experience research, consistent recognition from our industry association is very important to us,” Michael Bare, President of BARE International, stated. “Our high standards are a huge factor in why we received this award. It makes us strive to be even better.” 

“Mystery shopping provides valuable customer insights to any company—a clear view of a business through their customers’ eyes. BARE International prides itself on being at the leading edge of this research industry. Being recognized by MSPA is an important badge for us to earn,” added Guy Caron, Vice President and Managing Director of BARE International.