It's All About the Reporting

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What’s the use of customized research programs if you’re not sure what to do with the data?

BARE International’s state-of-the-art Web Based Delivery System – Apollo –  allows you to view data gathered from your customized research programs any time through a user friendly online portal, accessible from any location. Customize your reports, review detailed data analysis, and access company statistics how you want, when you want.

APOLLO is equipped with a Hierarchical Reporting structure, allowing BARE to tailor fit the visibility of results and reporting features by brand, region, area or any other key performance indicator based on the management hierarchy you provide. Each level is customized to allow for optimum comparison of information, even allowing you to create individualized queries for each user level.

The Graphical Reporting Suite within APOLLO delivers quick and easy access to data in numerous standard reporting formats, allowing you to compare results and track trends across regions or divisions. APOLLO’s flexibility also supports customized, filterable queries and ad-hoc reporting by results, time frames, brand, or any other combination of filter built specifically for your organization.

What’s more, BARE recently introduced Dragon – The first personal reporting system for mystery shopping. Watch the demo below for more information.