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Examples Of Amazing Customer Service During COVID-19

‘Heroes are born out of moments of crisis. The world has definitely seen its fair share of crises in the last six months, but it has also seen incredible heroes.’ BARE shares an article by Blake Morgan for Forbes with amazing examples of customer service.

‘During challenging times, companies and employees have the chance to step up and deliver amazing customer service when people need it most.

Here are 10 examples of amazing customer service during COVID-19 by people who went above and beyond.

Zappos Opens Hotline To Chat With Customers

During times of social distancing, many people crave human connection. Rose Wang called Zappos customer service to check on the status of a gift she had ordered for her mother. But as the Zappos employee, Crystal Mouzon, started making small talk, Rose realized how much she just needed to talk to someone. They ended up chatting for 45 minutes about everything from family relationships to travel. The conversation between two new friends left Rose feeling refreshed and renewed.

DC Shoe Store Makes Personal Delivery

For 14 years, one couple has visited Hu’s Shoes in Washington, D.C. to pick out shoes as a Mother’s Day present. With Mother’s Day falling during a pandemic this year, the couple’s child reached out to the store to let the owners know they would be back in as soon as social distancing regulations eased. Going above and beyond, the store’s co-owner Eric offered to go into the store, hand pick options for the mother and deliver them to her house across town. The simple act made the once-a-year customers feel like VIPs.

UPS Store Owner Drives All Night To Deliver Package

Shipping was hit hard by COVID-19, but a UPS Store owner took it into his own hands to make sure a customer’s packages got where they needed to be on time. A customer came into the store in Cleveland with two large packages that needed to get to Florida by Saturday, but UPS delivery was too busy to get the packages there in time. The store owner, Ardeshir Agahi, drove 1,250 miles through the night from Cleveland to Naples, Florida to hand deliver the packages a day early, then jumped back in his car and drove home to make it back to open the store on Monday morning.

Pharmacist Delivers Medicine To Home-Bound Customers

Connecticut pharmacist Manan Dave has been working long hours during the pandemic, but that doesn’t stop him from reaching out to all his customers. After clocking out at the pharmacy, he delivers medicine to customers who can’t leave their homes and brings hand sanitizer and other medical supplies to local nursing homes and assisted living communities. He takes his role seriously to help others get and stay healthy.

Walmart Manager Helps The Elderly

During three months of self-isolation, Bill and Nancy Cole from Massachusetts relied on Walmart’s no-contact grocery delivery. But when they couldn’t track down a few crucial items, they didn’t know what to do. They called their local Walmart and spoke to the manager, Alice, and the supervisor, Nicole, who treated the couple like old friends and answered all of their questions, even tracking down missing items. During a time when the couple felt isolated and forgotten, two kind employees made them feel valued and seen.

Librarians Dress Up To Brighten Customers’ Days

When libraries around the country closed due to COVID-19, book-lovers, especially children, were heartbroken. But librarians in Utah, including Lauren Tolman, found a way to brighten their customers’ days. They carefully found and cleaned each book customers requested and then dressed up as famous characters, ranging from Harry Potter to Wonder Woman, to deliver books to customers’ cars, along with games and stickers to keep kids happy and busy.

Newspaper Man Delivers Groceries

A newspaper delivery man in New Jersey has expanded his regular deliveries to include more than 900 deliveries of groceries to homebound customers. When an elderly customer asked Greg Dailey to leave the newspaper closer to the front door so she could get it more easily, he realized how challenging it must be for the customer to get groceries. He offered to deliver her groceries and soon began putting flyers offering his shopping and delivery services inside the newspapers. His service to the elderly has brought smiles to their faces.

Travel Agent Saves Customers’ Vacation

As hotels closed and commercial flights were cancelled around the world, a family got stuck in the Dominican Republic. They frantically called their travel agent at Virtuoso, who looked into every possibility of getting them home. The travel agent finally contacted a private jet company, which was able to pick up the family just seven hours after the hotel had notified the family of the shutdown. As a bonus, the travel agent event got the family a credit for the unused portion of their stay. 

Paramedic Delivers Meals And Home Care

Med-Star paramedic Amy Yang from Fort Worth, Texas, not only helps sick people during the pandemic, she reaches out to them even after their care is done. Amy has delivered more than 150 food boxes to people in need and helped with at-home COVID-19 testing outside of her normal work hours. Her goal is to help people in need and keep them from having to visit the hospital. She has even organized groups of co-workers to join her service. 

College Chefs Serve Retirement Community

When the manager of a Virginia retirement community needed help preparing and delivering meals to the 350 residents in isolation, he reached out to the nearby College of William and Mary. Almost instantly, numerous cooks, bakers and servers stepped up to prepare meals and bring them to grateful residents in addition to their normal workload. Residents were overjoyed to see happy faces and receive fresh meals.

When the pandemic is over, customers will remember the amazing customer service they received from individuals and companies. Even during dark times, great examples of compassion and service shine through.’


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