CX Day is on October 5th!

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BARE international is proud to celebrate CX Day on October 5th! This global celebration of customer love is put on by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (


Commitment to excellent customer experiences is why our clients choose BARE, stay with BARE, and return to BARE. We celebrate our team, and also thank our clients and evaluators. The work they do in support of improving the customer experience is increasingly important in an ever competitive business environment where the customer is king or queen. By investing in customer research, our clients demonstrate their commitment to seeing their business through the eyes of their customers. This insight can be the key to delivering excellent customer experiences.

To celebrate our employees we are participating in local networking selecting employees to participate in the CX DAY breakfast and lecture in Washington, DC to learn and connect with other CX professionals. Plus we are providing four hours of wellness events in our corporate office to improve mindfulness and enhance the service they provide our clients daily.

We also celebrate our team of evaluators, who provide our clients with valuable information that helps them improve customer experiences. From detailed surveys to videos, our evaluators make it their business to share the real story about what can make or break a customer experience during various touch points of the customer journey.

According to Dale Bare, CEO of BARE International, “In our 30 year history, our commitment to delivering excellent customer service to our clients and supporting them in their quest to create their own customer experience excellence has never been stronger.”

Happy CX Day!


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