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Black Friday Trends 2023: What the Numbers Reveal

The holiday season is in full swing, and our recent Black Friday Flash Survey delved into the shopping habits of 1057 respondents. The results are in, shedding light on intriguing consumer behaviors that paint a vivid picture of this weekend’s shopping frenzy.

Treat Yo’Self

This Black Friday, it seems like a substantial chunk of shoppers is in the mood for self-indulgence, with 33% admitting to treating themselves.

29% are on a mission to spread the holiday cheer, specifically shopping for family members.

Must-Have Wish Lists

When it comes to the must-buy items, Clothing & Fashion and Electronics take the lead, capturing the top spots on everyone’s shopping list. Not far behind is Beauty & Cosmetics, proving that looking good is just as essential as staying connected and stylish.

The Digital Shift

The online shopping wave continues to surge, with a whopping 53% of respondents opting for the convenience of virtual carts and express deliveries.

30% of brave souls are diving into the in-person shopping experience, immersing themselves in the bustling crowds and festive atmosphere.

Cash is No Longer King

Move over cash, because this season, Credit is King. 53% of respondents are using credit cards to cover holiday shopping expenses, indicating a continued 2023 trend of using credit to finance experiences, including gift-giving.

Stick to the List! (Or not.)

Despite the best intentions, only 12% of shoppers stick to their meticulously crafted shopping lists.

88% willingly succumb to the allure of impulse buys, turning this weekend into a delightful shopping adventure filled with unexpected purchases.

As we navigate the holiday shopping landscape, it’s evident that the thrill of finding the perfect deal and the joy of giving are universal sentiments. Whether you’re treating yourself, crossing items off your list, or succumbing to the allure of a spontaneous purchase, this Black Friday is shaping up to be a celebration of joy, generosity, and the spirit of giving. Happy shopping!

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