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Here’s an interesting article from Customer Think 5 Solutions For Greater Customer Satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction plays an enormous role in the success of a business. When customers are happy, they return. When customers are displeased, they don’t come back and they complain about the company to their relatives and friends and write scathing reviews on social media. The effects of a negative reputation can lead to the demise of the company, so businesses need to place great emphasis on their customer satisfaction goals.

Make Representatives Available
Most customers have reasonable expectations about products and services; they know that mistakes can occur. However, more have little tolerance for being ignored when they try to reach out to representatives from the company. Some individuals send emails and social media messages that are never answered; others find that no one answers the phone at the business. Ensuring that you have customer service representatives ready and active is imperative to satisfaction.

Create a Comfortable Experience
If you’ve ever walked into a shop and felt uncomfortable, you probably left without purchasing anything. Prevent this situation from happening with your own clients. Create a suitable climate in your store by adjusting the temperature and teaching employees how to be helpful but not intrusive. Make sure that your website is secure and isn’t bogged down by advertisements. When customers don’t feel rushed, uncomfortable or harried, they may be more likely to make a purchase.

Inspire Employees
Part of the problem that you may have is motivating your employees to care about customer satisfaction. One way to accomplish this goal is through employee gamification. With modern methods you can help employees generate goals for themselves, and you can also track these goals. Such a system is set up to reward employees with points, feeding into the natural desire that many people have to gain an advantage over their competition. You can generate a holistic score for employees based on how well they are accomplishing their goals. You may want to bring these rewards into the real world as well. For example, when employees reach certain milestones, you can reward them. Employees who want to obtain rewards will work to increase customer satisfaction.

Ask for Feedback
When you ask customers for their feedback, you’re showing them that you care about what they have to say. Make sure that you ask in a polite manner. Some customers feel bullied into providing feedback, and that affects the type of feedback that they provide. You should tailor some of the questions on the survey toward customer satisfaction. For example, you should ask customers how satisfied they were with the service that they received and what they would recommend to improve the experience. You can also scout out online review sites to see what customers have to say about you.

Address the Feedback
Some customers give up on providing feedback to businesses because they feel as though their words do not matter. They think back to all of the times when they have provided feedback about a poor business practice and nothing changed. While you cannot possibly meet every single request that each customer has, you can look at the aggregate data. If customers are constantly complaining about the same issue or are frequently providing the same suggestion for improvement, consider making the change. You can let customers know that you have taken their suggestions into consideration, which also can increase their level of satisfaction.

Satisfying your customers plays a huge role in how successful your business is. You want customers to act as advertisers for you. When they are happy with the experiences that they have, they tend to do just that. They tell other people, thereby drawing in more business for your company.’

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