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Trying to attract a customer in a market saturated with agents can be a tough sell. A customer is more prone to sign with someone who has a passion, expertise and unique foothold with their interests in mind.

The real estate broker and sale agent work force is predicted to grow 11 percent through 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Despite the projected job growth, reports 70 percent of agents quit before they get past the rookie stage. How can you ensure you find long-lasting quality employees? How do you attract new customers, convert them into sales, and keep them coming back whilst referring you to friends?

BARE’s research programs have been utilized by high-profile trainers in the housing industry to help clients make better hiring choices and improve employee training. As for customer satisfaction? BARE’s in-person exit interviews gather opinions from customers while their experience is still top of mind. Our discreet, professional interviewers follow strict guidelines based on questionnaires and rating scales approved by you. The result is unbiased, detailed feedback on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For over twenty years, BARE has provided businesses in new home construction, property management, office space leasing, multifamily housing, and mobile home sales with critical research that highlights specific areas of focus based on changes in the housing market. Our robust infrastructure supports quarterly mystery evaluation strategies, allowing for the assessment of long-term employee data and subsequent extrapolation of key trending insight.

With the current volatile nature of the Housing industry and the unique challenge of having to constantly reassess key data, now is the time to see your business through your customer’s eyes.

Contact us today and see what BARE International’s customized Housing sector services can do for you.

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