Above Ordinary Measurement

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At many firms, customer service departments have become complaint departments, or a place to return purchases. Companies themselves seem aware of this problem, as they have spent years carefully measuring customer satisfaction and managing individual customer experiences.

Customer experience research is the concept that focuses on the customer and their entirety. What’s new about customer service research and management is that it views the customer as a whole series of interactions across a variety of channels. However, the idea of changing service firms’ organizational structures is to make customer experience management a reality.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying customers and measuring their satisfaction has always been an issue companies are trying to grasp. Service companies began appointing customer satisfaction managers with the responsibility of providing measurements relating to the consumer. Regardless of whether a company measured customer satisfaction through telephone interviews, online surveys, focus groups, or a combination, the most important thing a service company could do was to continually get feedback from customers and make it easy for customers to provide this feedback.

It’s difficult to determine whether the customers whose satisfaction being measured are high value profiles. This type of segmentation doesn’t matter to the customer of course, but it certainly matters to the company. Essentially, customer satisfaction measurements weren’t helping companies avoid customer dissatisfaction and they weren’t identifying opportunities for top line growth well enough. Organizations like Bare International realized that in order to construct their house of happy customers, other tools are needed.

  1. Customer experience measurement

In order to get a better handle on opportunities and issues at points of service, companies like Bare have turned to mystery customer research, which measures the exact degree to which standards of service and operations are being met. Our evaluators provide objective insight into a detailed set of actionable metrics like price and promotions auditing, customer service, merchandising, and management standards. Due to the precision of mystery customer research, this has become a standard for the vast majority of service companies around the world. This provides companies with real time data and allows for specific information for improving their business. BARE International’s evaluators help determine whether certain operations are declining or improving. Mystery customer research has become one of the most trusted tools in customer service around the country and Bare utilizes this method to the fullest.

  1. Real Time Interactions

Collecting real-time data from evaluators using the video, audio, and text capabilities of mobile devices gives you daily access to quantitative or qualitative feedback during mystery shops while a consumer experience is actually happening. BARE’s flexible system allows studies to be adjusted at any point and enables evaluators to ask questions to receive clarification, improving accuracy.

Are you looking for a way to improve customer satisfaction, measure customer experience, and ultimately increase sales? Contact a Customer Experience Research professional at BARE International for a complimentary evaluation of your business today.