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10 Things Customers Will Be Buying On Black Friday 2020

‘With a shift to online shopping and longer sales periods, Black Friday 2020 will look drastically different than it has in the past. But those aren’t the only changes—the items customers will be buying will also be different, reflecting the unusual year that is 2020.’ BARE shares an article by Blake Morgan for Forbes with 10 items customers will be buying on Black Friday this year.

‘In the past, Black Friday has featured a huge number of doorbusters on things ranging from movies and phones to big-ticket items like cars and trips. But this year, consumers are playing it closer to home and looking for deals on products and gifts that can survive a pandemic.

Here are 10 things customers will be buying on Black Friday 2020:

 1 . Local travel vouchers.

Most big trips got cancelled in 2020, but consumers are taking a calculated risk with local travel vouchers. The vouchers allow customers to still get a vacation while staying relatively close to home and reducing the risk of flying or traveling long distances. In many cases, these vouchers are refundable if restrictions or circumstances change and allow customers months or years to actually book their trip. It’s a win for both customers and companies: customers get discounted travel, and travel brands can try to recoup some of their losses from a rough year.

2 . Camping equipment.

One of the easiest places to social distance is outside, and a record number of people got in tune with nature in 2020. Some camping booking services are 400% busier than the same time last year, and an estimated 20% of campers are first-timers, meaning they are more likely to need equipment. Customers will be looking for deals on camping equipment, including tents, sleeping bags and cookstoves. With uncertainty in the travel space, investing in quality outdoor equipment allows customers to still have adventures, regardless of future restrictions or limitations.

3 . RVs.

In a similar light, sales of RVs have seen tremendous growth this year. Sales are up 10% after a two-month industry shutdown, and growth for 2021 is projected to be near 20%. Campers, fifth wheels and traditional RVs allow people to travel and get out of the house without having to deal with hotels, rental cars and a number of other situations that could put their health at risk. Along with RVs comes the many accessories, which is big business and could lead to strong Black Friday numbers.

4 . TVs and tablets.

Electronics are always big-ticket items on Black Friday, and especially so this year. With many in-person entertainment options like theaters, movie theaters and concert venues closed or limited for the foreseeable future, people are staying home and want to enjoy their movies and games on quality devices. Expect consumers to upgrade their TVs with bigger versions and add more TVs and tablets to their homes.

5 . Kitchen gadgets.

2020 has turned kitchen novices into home chefs. Black Friday will bring a boost of sales for kitchen items large and small, including upgraded appliances and smaller gadgets like air fryers, pressure cookers and ice cream makers. Restaurants around the country are limited in their scope, and quality kitchen supplies allow home chefs to get great food without going out.

6 . At-home fitness equipment.

With gyms around the country closed or operating with limited capacity, customers have turned to at-home workouts. Customers will boost their home gym setups over Black Friday with deals on treadmills, weight sets and other workout gear. Expect customers to take advantage of sales for at-home workout subscriptions or streaming services.

7 . Games and toys.

Black Friday is always a big day for sales of games and toys as people start their holiday shopping. The trend will continue this year, but not just for kids. Customers will be looking for games and toys for all ages as a way to entertain themselves at home and potentially connect with friends and family. Activities that can be done virtually or in smaller groups should be especially popular this year.

8 . Appliances and furniture.

The early months of the pandemic saw a huge boost in home improvement projects while people were stuck at home for months on end. Stores are still riding that wave and expect to sell more appliances and furniture than normal over Black Friday. The deals make it possible for customers to spruce up their living spaces on a budget and improve the value of their homes.

9 . Smart home products.

Aside from the typical electronics and appliances sales, the growing niche of smart home products will see strong growth in 2020. Items like smart plugs, lightbulbs, voice assistants and voice-controlled electronics and appliances will be popular on Black Friday. If customers are going to be at home for the winter, they want to make it a smart and connected place to be.

10 . Loungewear.

Sales of professional work clothes are down, but loungewear sales are through the roof. The sleepwear and loungewear industry is expected to grow by nearly $20 billion in the next few years. During 2020, some stores saw more than 1000% sales increase in loungewear. Customers will continue the trend over Black Friday by buying pajamas, athleisure items, loungewear, slippers and anything else that makes it comfortable to work and school from home.

Black Friday 2020 will be unlike any other shopping event we’ve ever experienced. With changes to how they live and work, consumers will be looking for different products this year. Stores that can deliver on the changing trends will see huge success.’


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