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‘Waiting until the weekend to do your holiday shopping? You’re not alone: This coming Saturday, coined “Super Saturday”, may be the biggest spending day of the year.’ BARE shares an article by Anne Riley Moffat and Matthew Boyle for Bloomberg on how This Saturday Is When the Money’s Spent.

‘Although Black Friday used to be America’s biggest single shopping day, the final Saturday before Christmas took the title four or five years ago as more retailers began their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day — or weeks before, said Craig Johnson, president of Customer Growth Partners.

U.S. shoppers will spend an estimated $26 billion on Dec. 22, beating the $24 billion they shelled out on the day after Thanksgiving, the industry researcher said.

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‘Shoppers will go into the holiday season with high expectations this year. They’ll want great deals, custom offers, on-time delivery, and a little something for themselves—no matter what channel they’re using to work through their gift list.’ BARE shares an article by Danielle Savin for Digital Commerce 360 on 6 Steps to Elevate the Customer Experience this Holiday Season.

‘To meet shoppers’ rising expectations of easy and engaging shopping experiences, now’s the time to review and prepare your holiday messaging, personalization, mobile optimization, shipping strategy, and self-gifting offers. Follow these simple steps to deliver an engaging and rewarding customer experience during the holidays and beyond.

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‘Consumer spending is up, but so are expectations for great experiences and deals.’ BARE shares an article by Judith Aquino for 1to1 Media on How Is the 2018 Holiday Customer Experience Shaping Up?

‘Consumer confidence is at an 18-year high and holiday shoppers are ready to spend. Total retail sales in the U.S are expected to exceed $1 trillion during the holiday season, representing the “strongest growth since 2011,” according to eMarketer. But, if there’s anything to be learned from the so-called retail apocalypse, it’s that retailers can’t rely on the same strategies they used seven years ago.

Customer experience matters. And consumers are ready to move on if a brand’s products and services fail to meet their expectations. So, what can we expect from retailers this holiday season?

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‘This holiday season, have you walked away from a customer experience and said, “Wow, that was amazing”?’ BARE shares an article by Christine M. Riordan, the dean and a professor of management at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, for Forbes on Give the Holiday Gift of a Remarkable Customer Experience.

‘The holiday rush can be hectic and frustrating. Even during the busiest times of the year for retailers, however, exceptional customer service is the best way to win and retain the hearts of customers. Many organizations tout exceptional customer service as part of their competitive advantage, but few actually succeed in making it so.

What makes the difference?

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‘Many retailers this year are anticipating Black Friday — but it’s different than in the past.’ BARE shares an article by Blake Morgan for Forbes on Four Tips For A Powerful Black Friday Customer Experience.

‘Some customers will be splitting their time and money between Black Friday, November 25 and Cyber Monday, November 28 — the day where websites like Zappos and Amazon bring customers the best deals of the year. While many customers anticipate some pandemonium at the in-store experience, it’s important that although it’s a stressful day, you have a strategy to keep everything running smoothly.

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We don’t know them all, but we owe them all.

This year, BARE honors our Veterans (today, and every day) by partnering with ‘Veterans Moving Forward, Inc.’ – a nonprofit organization that raises and provides service dogs for veterans, with physical and/or mental health challenges, at no cost to the veteran.

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‘Personalized content can now be delivered through whichever touch point the customer prefers.’ BARE shares an article by Dale Renner for Forbes on Transforming the Customer Experience: Personalization.

‘Though the technology has advanced leaps and bounds — even in just the past few years — companies have only begun to crack the surface of personalization capabilities.

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‘Want to join the fight against breast cancer?’ BARE shares an article by Stacy Simon for the American Cancer Society on Five Ways to Fight Breast Cancer.

‘Here are 5 ways to do a lot of good with a little – or a lot – of your time, your skills, and your voice.

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‘In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, corporate managers are increasingly realizing that working in silos seriously impedes innovation.’ BARE shares an article by Brad Murphy for Forbes on The New Manager: How Organizations Can Thrive In The Experience Economy.

‘Companies organized along traditional functional lines tend to be slow to change and inflexible, unable to respond to customer demand.

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Are you missing the most important question you can ask to retain your clients? BARE shares an article by Amie Devero for Forbes on What Will Your Customer Experience?

‘Businesses often make decisions based on a number of variables:

“What is most profitable?”

“How can we do it more efficiently?”

“How do we sell more?”

Tons of time and money are expended to develop the best possible way to deliver, structure, message and entice a new customer. Businesses are often asking, “How do we attract more customers?” You probably do it yourself.

Yet, not enough businesses spend significantly on the most important question: “How will my customer experience this?”

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