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Our financial clients demand innovative strategies to position them as recognized leaders in an ever-evolving financial marketplace. BARE International offers clients customized research programs to add value to and design strategy options for financial institutions both large and small – from local credit unions to international lenders. Our proven methods allow our clients to gain a necessary edge over competitors.

Our customer research banking consultants will set up a program to measure your institution’s strengths and weaknesses via customized services, including:

    • Mystery Visits to Evaluate Customer Service and Sales
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • Employee Surveys
    • Call Center Audits
    • Competitor Mystery Customer Visits and Audits

Case Studies

Strategize Globally. Research Locally.

When a leading financial services institution needed to standardize its procedures and point-of-sale materials across 200,000 worldwide locations, BARE International set up a uniform and concise research program globally with the intent of yielding positive results locally.

BARE International developed a customized plan that included:

    • Screening and training of local evaluators from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, according to client specifications.
    • Ensuring that evaluators completed bi-monthly visits to 500 of the client’s top revenue-generating locations.
    • Developing a customized web-based reporting system to record, store and report all evaluation data.

These tailor-made services delivered such benefits to the client as:

    • An ability to uniformly assess and measure procedures from hundreds of global locations
    • The information needed to produce a baseline procedures manual that could be implemented enterprise-wide.
    • A measurable decrease in employee infractions.
    • A substantial increase in customer satisfaction.


    • A consistency of quality in products and services at all client locations around the globe

For more information, please contact:

Lynne Brighton, Senior Vice President
(800) 296-6699  Ext. 3133