BARE International’s customer satisfaction measurement programs have been providing restaurant management professionals with quality customer feedback since 1987. From fast food to gourmet fine dining establishments, BARE customer feedback programs, like our mystery guest visits can identify the key drivers at your establishment that are encouraging customer satisfaction and revisit intent.

Positive staff attitudes are particularly crucial in the restaurant & food service industry. Mystery Customer Research can ascertain if your staff is motivated, loyal and dedicated to your brand. Actionable program feedback gives management teams critical areas on which to focus to improve your organization’s overall performance.  This in turn will allow your organization to provide clear expectations and achievement goals that will drive employee engagement.

BARE will customize the following services to develop innovative solutions for you:

    • Mystery Guest Visits
    • Restaurant and Bar Integrity Audits
    • Phone Calls to Measure Reservation and Menu Knowledge
    • Facility Audits to Assess Appearance and Cleanliness
    • Guest Satisfaction Surveys:  In person, by phone, email or on the web

For more information, please contact:

Lynne Brighton, Senior Vice President
(800) 296-6699  Ext. 3133