Mystery Shopping is only the beginning

BARE International does much more than just mystery shopping. Once you have obtained your BARE Basics certification and successfully completed some assignments you are eligible for continuing education:

  • Audio & Video Training
  • Bar Integrity Certification
  • Hospitality Auditors

Special Announcement:

Dear Evaluator, BARE International is pleased to announce that we’ve updated our Extended Shopper Profile (ESP). The ESP requests additional demographic information about your interests, habits, and capabilities. Your responses in the ESP help us to get to know you better.

The ESP asks questions such as the brand of car you drive, which brand smartphone you have, whether you travel regularly, your payment details etc. The more information we have about you, the more likely you are to get Assignments based on the criteria you’ve put forth in our ESP.

For example many of our clients wish to target specific demographics that mimic their customer base, therefore our Schedulers use the ESP to help identify Evaluators who match these specific requirements/demographics. As an example, one question asks about the brand of automobile you have. Based on this we may have Assignments available for dealership warranty service visits for that brand. In short, the information in your ESP helps us to let you know about Assignments that would most likely interest you.

The ESP is quick and easy to complete. It is important to answer all the questions and to keep your ESP updated regularly. You may find your ESP by clicking the link in your Shop Log or in your Profile page. Please click here for a brief video demonstration.

Important Message, Shoppers!

Please be aware of possible email scams pretending to be Bare International. All legitimate Bare International emails end with @bareinternational.comClick here, to read a brief article to learn more ways to spot an email scam