Operational Excellence Toolkit

Mystery Calling

Are your customers being treated courteously and with the required support once they call your business? Our mystery phone evaluation will quickly let you know if the customer is receiving appropriate service and information. Our evaluators can measure hold times, courtesy and if the staff is knowledgeable when questioned. Find out how your business performs when called and if you are retaining customers and increasing loyalty; get full data reporting and call recordings to use as an instant feedback and training tool.  Customers call your business every day, are they getting the service they should?

Mystery Visits

If you were able to find the time to go to your business location without being recognized, what would you learn?  Using our highly evolved mystery visits approach, Bare can answer that question for you.  Our Evaluators provide invaluable information for use by your management team when measuring employee knowledge and performance.  Information obtained can be used to successfully trouble-shoot problem areas, improve and revamp training methodologies and to positively reinforce star employees in your organization with reward/incentive programs.

Our professional and trained evaluators are capable of executing a wide variety of scenarios: ‘simple’ interactions with employees and associates, purchasing and/or returning a product, ordering a meal, addressing a customer service issue, or even just assessing how a particular location handles a busy time of day. Our skilled project teams will work with you to set up the best possible scenarios that will give you the data you need to drive continuous improvement, competitor benchmarking and other key indices your business needs to become the best it can be.

Our programs are designed to test your established policies, procedures and training, linking their outcome directly to your bottom line.

Mystery In-store & Online audits

Maintaining high quality standards can make all the difference in the success of your business.  Unaddressed concerns can not only affect your customer base, but can also drive quality employees away and keep top-of-the-line, new staff from joining your organization.

With a standards audit, BARE will be able to identify any aspect of your operation that is not meeting acceptable standards. Standards audits can discover if the image you want your brand to portray is being accurately represented by your front-line staff. These audits can also assist in determining if proper training practices are being accurately taught and followed by all employees.  Audits can be executed in a ‘covert’ fashion without your staff being aware that the audit is taking place.  However, BARE is also capable of executing in-depth “overt” audits in which our auditors announce themselves upon entry and take a detailed look at front-of-the-house as well as back-of-the-house standards execution.

With a Bare International Quality Assurance Audit, your business can:

  •       Improve employee training
  •       Troubleshoot problem areas
  •       Receive unbiased third party validation of vendor support
  •       Positively reinforce the real performers with reward and incentive programs

BARE performs audits covering cash integrity, facilities, standards and loss prevention to match up your expectations those of your consumers or validating your own internal audit results

Mystery E-mailing

Certified mystery customers can evaluate your business practices in your store but also virtually. Find out if your web site is effective and easily navigable. Discover if all links are working and all forms are valid. Make certain the ordering process is easily understandable. Ensure that inquiries are followed up on according to your standards and expectations with a courteous response within a prompt time frame.  See how your staff is interacting virtually with your growing number of on-line customers.  Have our evaluators give you information on every aspect of the customer interaction with your business and, if you wish, perform a detailed analysis between your business’ performance and that of your competition.

Mystery Leads

When you want to evaluate how your sales staff is dealing with leads as well as the performance of their prospecting activities, BARE International offers the best alternative in measuring follow up actions of potential deal closures. What are your salespeople doing right? What needs improving? The mystery leads programs will certainly help you to find the answers to these questions.

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