Employee Commitment Toolkit


BARE can work alongside your top management to design targeted employee workshops based on key data collection and analysis following the execution of a customized research program. By basing all material on insights driven by assessment of your unique company, BARE can ensure that each workshop is a worthwhile use of your management and employees’ time that will translate into measurable improvements.

Mystery Shopping

If you are a service provider who relies on employee-to-customer interaction, BARE’s mystery evaluators can provide feedback on employee customer service delivery, product knowledge, and transaction completion times. Evaluators chosen to work with BARE must undergo training and demonstrate their understanding and ability to perform specific mystery shop scenarios before participation, ensuring that any data provided is accurate and reliable. Mystery shopping can help identify whether employees have been properly trained, provide reviews on the physical appearance of the establishment and employees, recognize gaps in management, and identify exceptional employees.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a powerful tool when input is needed from select geographic areas or when feedback surrounding a sensory experience, such as taste, touch, or smell, is needed. BARE’s methodology allows you to view live groups from anywhere in the world in real-time, or at your convenience via our archives online archives.

Commitment Surveys

BARE’s commitment surveys allow you to accurately measure your employees’ satisfaction and training levels with custom designed commitment surveys. The anonymous format and delivery by BARE, a third party evaluator, allows employees to feel comfortable expressing their opinions. Results can be leveraged to improve training methods and reward high-performing staff.

Face-to-Face In-Depth Interviews

Face-to-face Interviews are an innovative, cost-effective format to determine employee satisfaction and level of motivation towards your company by using immediate feedback techniques. Talking directly to your employees will provide valuable insight into their opinions. Our professional interviewers, using a client-approved questionnaire and visual aids when appropriate, query employees about their satisfaction levels in key areas as performance, development and motivation factors. An advantage of the face-to-face interview is that an interviewer is able to adapt the questions as necessary, clarify doubt by repeating or rephrasing the questions and ensure that the responses are properly understood. Face-to-face also leads to a greater rapport between interviewer and interviewee, resulting in more accurate feedback than a response survey alone as well as an objective and unbiased result. When an interview is conducted, it demonstrates to the employee that their opinions matter to your business.

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