Data Analysis Toolkit

Key Insights Analysis

BARE can deliver results summaries, detailed analysis and key recommendations. Such analysis can be done at a global level and/or at regional level and will focus on:

  • Background and goals of the research
  • Comparison of results between regions/countries/store types/chains
  • Comparison of results between scenarios (if applicable)
  • Evolution of results (where possible)

We start from “which business questions need to be answered” and “which stakeholders will use the results and how”.

Correlation Driver Detection

Every company wants to grow and expand their influence. These goals can be reached by working on internal data like margins or improving customer service. BARE has developed some tools to help you make good decisions.

BARE Correlation Driver Detection will determine and evaluate the principal components having the biggest impact on your business. This analysis measures your success through the customer’s eyes and crosses the data to evaluate your brand image, sales conversion rate and loyalty along with many other aspects.

Component analysis is very useful for finding out the key areas your company needs to focus on in order to improve and grow.

BARE Correlation Driver Detection is a valuable resource for understanding your customers’ needs and meeting them.

Multivariate Findings

Multivariate findings is the overall method of statistical analysis used to process more than one variable. Multivariate findings are used to:

  • Measure the association rate between two or more variables.
  • Estimate the most important aspects for the customer/employees with two or more variables;
  • Summarize large amounts of data and extract the essentials.
  • Predict the evolution of a market and what is likely to become important to customers next.

Customized Dashboards

Data from BARE’s Customer Experience Measurement is available for immediate access through a customized dashboard within APOLLO, our state-of-the-art web based report delivery system. View a summary of your results and drill down into the details of each aspect of your research program with a few clicks. Dashboards can be further customized to allow varying levels of access dependent on login credentials, prohibiting unauthorized report analysis and allowing your managers to see a synopsis of their relevant scores and a comparison to others in their region.

Visual Storytelling

All companies are overwhelmed with data. Our work is not only to filter, summarize and analyze the key data but also to present this information in a way that has both meaning and impact.

BARE has been presenting results for many years and we know from experience that a short and attractive presentation delivers the message much more efficiently.

At BARE, we believe analysis and presentation need to go hand-in-hand. With analysts sharing the results and visualizations telling the story, the path to follow quickly emerges. Our capabilities for processing large amounts of data combined with our experience in designing presentations creates the perfect mix for telling stories with impact.

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