Customer Satisfaction Toolkit

Exit Interviews

BARE’s in-person exit interviews gather opinions from customers while their experience is still top of mind. Our discreet, professional interviewers follow strict guidelines based on questionnaires and rating scales approved by you. The result is unbiased, detailed feedback on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Social Media Scan

While direct customer feedback is a key part of our research methodology, social media scans provide a valuable piece of BARE’s 360-degree approach to measuring customer perception and satisfaction. Data extraction from social media is an extremely efficient tool for observing what consumers think about a company and its products or services, as it does not require the explicit solicitation of customer impressions.

Real Time Interactions

Collecting real-time data from evaluators using the video, audio, and text capabilities of mobile devices gives you daily access to quantitative or qualitative feedback during mystery shops while a consumer experience is actually happening. BARE’s flexible system allows studies to be adjusted at any point and enables evaluators to ask questions to receive clarification, improving accuracy.

Online Satisfaction Surveys

BARE’s customer satisfaction surveys provide valuable insight into any area of operations and can be especially useful as a marketing tool for new promotional items and concept modifications. Questions can be targeted to meet specific operational needs, and data is presented via easy-to-read graphs and percentages. BARE’s easily accessible, web-based methodology delivers both prompt report turn-around and long term data-collection, allowing you to take immediate action where needed while also developing corporate norms, benchmarks, reviews, and employee incentive systems over time.

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